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Cherish the beauty and symbolism of your birth month flower with a charming, handmade pendant.

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Each of us has a flower associated with our birth month. Keep yours close to your heart with one of Shari Dixon’s necklaces. She begins with a sterling silver-plated pewter setting, applies lacquer paint to the inside, then artfully arranges each real petal, stem, and leaf. A coating of resin seals in the arrangement, ensuring it will always remain in bloom, and the finished pendant is strung onto a sterling silver chain. Find your flower and its symbolic meaning below. Chain made in Massachusetts. Setting made in Rhode Island. Handmade in Tennessee.

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January: Carnation, represented by Achillea millefolium, symbolizes pride, beauty, fascination, love, and distinction.
February: Iris, represented by Delphinium glaucum, symbolizes faith, wisdom and hope.
March: Daffodil, symbolizes rebirth.
April: Daisy, represented by Erigeron, symbolizes innocence and modesty.
May: Lily of the valley, represented by Polyanthus Narcissus, symbolizes humility, chastity, sweetness, and purity.
June: Rose, symbolizes love, passion, and appreciation.
July: Larkspur, represented by Delphinium, symbolizes lightness and levity.
August: Gladiolus, represented by Hardenbergia violacea, symbolizes remembrance.
September: Aster, represented by Erigeron, symbolizes patience and daintiness.
October: Marigold, symbolizes grace.
November: Chrysanthemum, represented by Achillea millefolium, symbolizes compassion, friendship, and secret love.
December: Narcissus, symbolizes sweetness.


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